Give your Administrators the Power they Need to Get the Job Done


Advanced reporting capabilities and utility configuration tools

Give administrators the power to navigate with ease!

Imagine a tool with endless reports and functionalities with the sole purpose, to make your work life, better.

Developed in direct response to user frustrations related to managing PureConnect, QC3 iNFiNiTi RegReporter provides reporting capabilities and utility tools that simplify configuration. No need to imagine, when RegReporter instantly gathers and displays data from Interaction Administrator, saving countless hours and clicks. 

With more than a dozen functionalities, you'll make your administrator into a superhero!

Optimally monitor licencing costs

Generate reports that track license distribution and utilization. In just a few clicks, instantly obtain a single view of all Genesys licences assigned per user.

Reduce configuration errors

Instantly identify and avoid common configuration mistakes, while saving your technical resources a significant investment in time.

Seamlessly integrated with Genesys PureConnect

Enhance your solution for maximum productivity 

download the guide

Learn how you can make your Genesys PureConnect solution better! 

Download the QC3 iNFiNiTi RegReporter guide.



QC3 iNFiNiTi Solutions for Genesys PureConnect

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